Hi, I'm Anthony!

I'm an engineer at Microsoft, occasional writer, and prolific reader.

This blog is where all my favorite ideas live and mingle. I write about philosophy, technology, self-improvement, fitness, and finance. These ideas mix and mingle, leading to interesting insights into our modern world and how to thrive in it.

Some of my most popular articles include My Thoughts on Modafinil, Definite Optimism & Building the Future, and The Best Way To Read. I also recommend my 15-part series on what life is like at Lambda School.

If you want to see all my writing, you can find it here.

I've also compiled the notes I took from the 100+ books I've read over the years and I'm adding more every month!

Finally, I send out a weekly newsletter "Friday Favorites." It's got the links, books and other interesting stuff I came across that week, as well as my latest articles and book notes. If you're curious and looking for high-quality information, you should definitely join.

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I'm on Twitter and if you want to email me, you can reach me at anthony@anthonyjcampbell.com.