Emergency - By Neil Strauss

Date read: 
April 18, 2014
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My Thoughts

An entertaining tale of becoming ready for the apocalypse. Quite a lot of fluff with some interesting bits sprinkled in. More of a story. I would've appreciated more how-tos and specific recommendations.

Summary Notes

The tragedy of life-robbing it of its fullness and brilliance- is the knowledge that we might die at any moment. And though we schedule our lives so precisely, with calendars and day planners and mobile phones and personal information management software, that moment is completely beyond our control.

'A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished:’

If any kind of cataclysm should happen in America today, considering that 88 percent of the population doesn't even have a U.S. passport, most people would be trapped here.

If the smartest, richest guys in the country were looking into surviving a future apocalypse, then clearly I wasn't paranoid.

The collapse of every superpower has been due to fighting by its armed forces, but having their focus on international matters while the domestic economy weakens. In other words, empires collapse when they stretch themselves too thin.

You're only paranoid if you're wrong. If you're right, you're a prophet.

"Excitement won't kill you: but surprise will:'

You don’t rise to the occasion, you default to the level of your training. That’s why you have to train and practice.

The chances of being injured in a terrorist attack or civil unrest were far slimmer than the chances of killing myself in a motor- cycle or shooting accident. Survivalism, I realized, is not about staying alive. It's about choosing how you die.

So many of the tips I'd been given by neo-Nazis, gun nuts, and fringe weirdos were actually the same things the government recommended doing. The system actually wanted and encouraged us to be prepared to live without it. It was designed for its own obsolescence.

Three and a half feet of debris will keep you warm above 30F, four and a half is enough to 0F, and six feet of dry, dead debris will keep you alive at -40F.

"We're nine meals away from chaos in this country;'

"The lotus that blooms in the water withers when it comes near to fire. Yet the lotus that blooms from the midst of flames becomes all the more beautiful and fragrant the nearer the fire rages:'

Eating fried chicken and hamburgers and french fries is the culinary equivalent of walking through Baghdad at night. Survivalism is about more than shooting guns and drinking out of toilet tanks. It's also about physical exercise and a healthy diet.

Being in and around motor vehicles is the most dangerous thing we do, there were 45k deaths from motor vehicles, only 12k from guns. More people kill themselves with them, 17k. Suicide is much more common, 32k, than homicide, 18k.

The surest way to die young is to be lonely.

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