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Sell or Be Sold - By Grant Cardone

Date read: 
June 27, 2018
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My Thoughts

Lots of rah-rah sales advice, with several good insights and tips sprinkled in. Falls into the camp of thinking that taking more action will inevitably lead to better outcomes. Whether you believe it or not, definitely provides a kick.

Summary Notes

Your ability or inability to sell, persuade, negotiate, and convince others will affect every area of your life and will determine how well you survive.

Businesses fail first and foremost because their ideas weren’t sold quickly enough and in quantities great enough, and therefore they ran out of money.

Your entire life is a commission. There’s no salary guaranteed in life. The whole world is on commission and the whole world is required to sell!

When I first got started, most of the people I talked to about apartments immediately told me that owning apartments was a nightmare and that I would have difficulties with tenants at midnight when the plumbing sprang a leak. Though tenants would obviously get upset if there was a plumbing leak, it is false data about owning apartments that actually causes people to lose interest in buying apartments. I’ve owned more than 2,500 apartments and, trust me, the renter is not the problem with owning them. Not having renters is a problem; leaky faucets are just an issue to deal with.

No school can make a great person.

Schools are not capable of making a person successful. Only by application will you or anyone else become successful or great in a field.

The inability to communicate is a liability. No matter what your ambitions are, you are required to communicate with others, and the better you can communicate, the more people will agree with you.

I would rather commit to the wrong thing all the way than commit to the right thing only halfway.

Remember, while there may be greener pastures, they’re green because someone committed.

A “burn the ship” kind of mentality is what it takes to get you to a place where you’ll do things that will ensure results. Get into the game as though your life depended on it, because your life does depend on it.

If you’re losing more than you’re winning, then you need to realize that you’re an amateur and it’s time to kick up your commitment a notch and become someone who knows what he’s doing!

You are a professional when you can predict results and get them.

Why should someone go into debt to buy your product? Why should they choose your product instead of someone else’s? Why should someone do it right now and not wait another second? Why should they buy your product for more money rather than a similar product for less? Why should someone buy it from you rather than the guy down the street? Why should they choose your company over another? If you can’t instantly answer these questions, you’ll struggle along because you’re not convinced.

I would never hire a salesperson if he wasn’t willing to buy and use the product himself.

Price is not the buyer’s biggest concern. It’s actually at the bottom of the list of reasons why people don’t buy. Most sales are lost over unspoken objections—not the obvious and apparent objections like price, payments, or budgets, but the ones that the buyer doesn’t voice. Getting the sale isn’t about money; it’s ultimately about the buyer having confidence that the product is the right one.

If the buyer has full confidence that the product will solve his problems and get him a real solution, he’ll buy it at almost any price. People will give their right arm for love, and they’ll give their last dollar for a real solution.

When he said it was too much money, he was really saying it was too much for the solution I was offering.

Anytime you’re presenting product information, performance reports, facts, historical data, comparison information, pricing data, proposals, etc., the rule is don’t tell, show.

If I’m a waiter, I don’t ask if you want dessert after dinner. I bring you the dessert tray, tell you about each dessert, tell you about my favorite, and dare you to pass. I can service you into the dessert without ever seeming to sell it!

I recorded myself every day and watched my gestures, my hand motions, and even my emotional responses. Throughout the day I’d write down all of the objections I heard, and the next day I’d team up with another associate and we’d practice handling them until I was satisfied. Drill and practice build confidence.

When it comes to taking action, never think in terms of balance; always think in terms of massive amounts of action. Assume in the case of action that more is better and less is nothing. Whatever you think you need to do to get the job done, increase the amount far more than you think is necessary, and you’ll get results beyond your wildest expectations.

The amount of success you have is limited by the amount of action you take.

You can never take enough action in life; you can only take too little. Too much action will never get you into trouble. In fact, taking action is the way to get out of trouble. The only time action will cause you trouble is when there isn’t any or when there’s not enough of it.

Take massive action until your concern is no longer whether or not you’ll get enough appointments, but how you can possibly handle all of the appointments you have. The right amount of massive action should result in new problems.

If you want to guarantee X, take massive amounts of action that will achieve X in abundance. Your problem will no longer be how to achieve an abundance of X; rather, it will be how to manage the abundance of X.

If you want one thing, take massive action equal to at least ten times what you think it will take to ensure that you attain that one thing.

Never be reasonable when it comes to taking action. Just take more action. Be almost insane with how much action you take to get the job done.

The most powerful man in the world has 24 hours in a day to get done what he needs to get done. The richest man in the world has 3,600 minutes in a day to earn his money. The most educated man in the world has 168 hours in a week to learn. The greatest athlete in the world has 365 days in a year to train. How much time do you have?

It’s actually a lie when you tell yourself that you don’t have enough time! The fact is, you have the same amount of time as everyone else; you just aren’t using it efficiently.

You are a product of all that you surround yourself with! That includes the TV you watch, the newspapers you read, the friends you have, the movies you go to, your hobbies, your interests, your family, and everything else that you are involved with.

Attitudes, like diseases, are contagious.

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